Rob feels he is a strong local voice for Flexbury and Poughill

On June 27, residents of Flexbury and Poughill will vote in a by-election for Bude-Stratton Town Council. Today is the turn of Lib Dem candidate Robert Uhlig to have his say:

I hope you’ll agree there is one thing more important than any other when considering how to cast your vote and that is who will best stand up for Flexbury and Poughill. We need someone who will ensure our ward – and all of Bude – remains a wonderful place to live.
As the only candidate who lives in Flexbury and Poughill, I hope that you will consider that I – Robert Uhlig – am that person.
I have lived in Poughill for 18 years and I have many friends who live in Flexbury, so I know from personal experience the issues and concerns of my neighbours. My wife is a teacher at Budehaven, which both our sons attended, and I was a school governor at Bude Junior School. I’ve been a committee member of Bude Junior Squash Club and Bude Arts and Music, and I currently sit on the steering group of Bude Coastal Community Team, which strives to maximise social, economic and environmental benefits for the Bude area through community partnership and collaboration.
I love living in Bude and feel passionately that Flexbury and Poughill is a particularly great part of our town. We have an amazing community spirit and we are lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful environment, beautiful beaches and stunning countryside – all of which I will strive to nurture and protect.
My fight is not with the other candidates in this election – it is to ensure that the whole Bude area gets fair access to the services and resources we need to ensure it remains the wonderful place we all love and treasure.
However, many national and community issues affect our way of life, which is why Flexbury and Poughill needs a strong local voice on the council to stand up for our needs and concerns.
Better medical facilities
The loss of overnight care at Stratton Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) is deeply concerning. Unfortunately, town councillors have absolutely no influence over the running of the MIU – which is why I have been working with our Cornwall Councillors, all of whom are fellow Liberal Democrats, to get Bude the fair access to NHS provision we all deserve. I’ll continue working with my Lib Dem colleagues, who are hopeful of a good outcome, to strive for an improved service for us all.
Better opportunities for our young
As a parent and former school governor, I really know how the chronic underfunding of our schools affects our children, which is why I led a campaign across all of Cornwall to get our MPs to face up to the crisis faced by our schools at all levels and age groups. It led to a motion at Cornwall Council – unanimously supported in a vote – that you can watch at
Better homes for locals and key workers
Like St Ives and other Cornwall towns, Bude could have a Community Land Trust to build high-quality energy-efficient homes with affordable rents specifically for locals and key workers. It would generate an income for the council and be zero cost. It makes total sense.
Better care for the environment
Bude is a beacon of smart environmentalism, but we can do more. As a seaside town it’s essential the council declares a climate crisis to protect our precious coast and maritime environment. Caring for our environment and climate must be an absolute priority for the council.
Better place to live
Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference – like overgrowth on paths that makes pushing a double buggy or passing a neighbour difficult. Or dog-poo bins that need emptying. Another pressing issue is road safety, traffic speeds and parking problems, particularly in the holiday season. I’ll work hard to ensure these issues are addressed and simple jobs that make a big difference get done.
Better communication and value for money
Delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and listening to neighbours, two concerns about the council crop up repeatedly: better communication and better value for money. Both played a part in much of the current confusion surrounding the renaming of the Ivor Potter Hall, the loss of overnight service at Stratton’s MIU, and arrangements for this election.

As a writer by trade, I know how to communicate complex issues clearly and get them sorted. I’ll prioritise keeping my Flexbury and Poughill neighbours informed and stand up for our needs and rights on the council.
Regarding the confusion over election arrangements, the good news is that we’re going to vote where we always vote.
If like me, you live in Poughill, the polling station is the Village Hall, beside the Methodist Church. If you live in Flexbury, which means anywhere south of the Sewell Road turning off Poughill Road, you vote at the Ivor Potter Hall in the Parkhouse Centre.
My promise is to work as hard as possible for you and our beautiful area. Please help me to do this with your vote.


  • Kim Gouldson says:

    Wishing Rob all the very best, keeping everything crossed that you get in, we certainly need you

  • Steph Jones-Giles says:

    Good luck Rob. I know you will make an excellent town councillor and very much hope you are successful

  • John Gimson says:

    Best wishes Rob. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about the issues facing the local community – and the need for collaboration with other key players to resolve them, and far better communications – so that everybody knows what’s going on, and how they can be involved.
    Having you on the Town Council would be good, and an opportunity to advance the work of the Coastal Community Team.

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