Rewards for Frontline Heroes

Check out this new website Rewards for Frontline Heroes. As Covid-19 numbers rise, as parts of the country are on the verge of lockdown, and as numbers requiring hospital treatment once again rise for the second wave, it is those on the emergency services’ frontline who are taking the risks and in some cases, the flak.

Asa society, we need to improve on this.  This is where Rewards for Frontline Heroes comes in.

The aim is to be able to offer things that make direct impact on the lives of these unsung heroes who work on the front line: a family holiday, weekend breaks, pamper days, theatre tickets, meals out, gym passes, shopping vouchers, tickets to sporting events – the list goes on.

To that end, local artist, Lynne Holehouse, has helped create a fabulous calendar which is perhaps the best way to remember 2020 and to help those who help us. You can read much more on the website (see the link above) but one of the best things you can do is buy a calendar (paper or digital).

Michelle Parry is the name behind the website, where she says:

Having previously had great success with The Forces Foxes Calendar in 2011, where I successfully raised thousands of pounds for Combat Stress and the Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund, I was inspired to do something to reward our frontline heroes who worked tirelessly through lockdown, putting themselves at risk from beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In April 2020 I saw a painting on a facebook group called “Clap to say thanks” it was a painting of a nurse in work and how her other life looked before lockdown, it was so powerful that I had to contact the artist to tell her how powerful the image was.

I then asked Lynne if she would be willing to paint 12 paintings depicting frontline workers, and the hard work and sacrifices they had made during Covid 19. Lynne accepted and we worked together to come up with 12 paintings to inspire and thank all of our frontline workers and create a Fine Art Calendar.

During the pandemic there has been a lot of talk about frontline workers and what they are paid, compared to footballers! Of course our Nurses and Carers deserve that sort of wage but football is a different world, so comparing the two simply isn’t realistic. As a carer and now owner of my own care company, I feel recognition and rewards for going the extra mile mean more than people realise.

I wanted to raise money from this project to reward our heroes, so I came up with a cause that will benefit people who have really gone the extra mile during the pandemic, the cause is called “ Reward 4 frontline Heroes.”

This cause will allow people to nominate a frontline worker, paid or unpaid who has gone the extra mile, during and currently through the pandemic. My own Company Extra Mile Home Care will support the project “ Rewards For Frontline Heroes”, and we hope to sell thousands so we can reward people with something that makes a difference to them with a Personal Award.

Lynne Holehouse (whom all of you in Bude know) says:

I had a dream, soon after Coronavirus started to make its terrifying presence felt. The image arrived, fully formed in my head, and I rushed to my studio the next day, to put it down on canvas. I wanted to convey the human being behind the mask, the gloves, the uniform. I wanted to show the nurse that she will once again get her other life back.

It has been interpreted in different ways and that’s what art is all about – not to give the whole story, but to let the viewer decide for themselves what the message is about. I finished the painting, not sure where to go with it.

I decided to post in on ‘Clap to Say Thanks’ to add my own thank you.

The response was huge and immediate and I spent days posting out prints, humbled by the reaction and glad that the painting would brighten the day of the care worker who received it. I was contacted by Michelle Louise Jacobs who invited me to produce a set of paintings to honour the many service providers who risk their lives daily for us. I happily accepted the challenge and have been painting for the project ever since.

Rewards 4 Frontline Heroes: Our aim is to be able to offer things that make direct impact on the lives of these unsung heroes. We like to hope that with the help of the grateful public we can raise some life changing sums of money, and then we could see this concept grow and, in time, offer even bigger and more substantial rewards.

You can buy the calendar here. Or if you are in Bude, you can buy it from Spencer Thorn Bookshop.






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