Retail is in a spin as M & S announces store closures

As Marks & Spencer recalls a sharp drop in annual profits and plans to close some stores, Tesco Direct is also going. Even good old John Lewis is feeling the consumer pinch. There are alarm bells going off among Britain’s major retailers with previous expansion plans put on hold or stopped altogether. Market conditions mean that lots of retailers are having to re-assess their methods, and cut costs. Sales, it seems, are transferring to internet buying and no-frills companies like Lidl, Aldi and Primark. The squeeze is on.

So, how can we keep the high streets alive, and are any businesses in Bude booming? What are people spending their money on? Maybe now people want service and items that are more individual/unique? Maybe not. All ideas welcome? Are you shopping as much? If so, what are you buying – and where? Any local shops deserve a special shout out?

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