Result – Ivor Potter decision reversed as Council listen to the people

Thanks to Councillor La Broy for this information on his Facebook page. Peter writes:

News from Bude Stratton Full Council on 4th July 2019. The Ivor Potter Hall stays! Following is an excerpt from the draft minutes of the meeting held last night:

FC/112/19 Notice of Motion: We the undersigned, in accordance with Standing Orders 9b and 7a, request that the Council reconsiders the decisions made by the Full Council on 6 June 2019 (C/103/19) and retain the name of the Ivor Potter Hall in view of the strength of community feeling that has been expressed. Cllrs: R Willingham, H Partridge, P La Broy, P Tilzey, T Philp, T Gibbs

After discussion, a recorded vote was requested.

For: Cllrs S Browning, T Gibbs, P Keely, P La Broy, L Moores, P Moores, F Partridge, H Partridge, T Philp, P Tilzey, D Towl, N Tucker, R Uhlig, B Willingham

Against: Cllr J Bryson

Abstention: B Dixon

Resolved: that BSTC reverse their decision C/103/19 and retain the name, Ivor Potter Hall

FC/113/19 To consider actions to take as a result of Notice of Motion

Resolved: The Council acknowledges the public anxiety caused by the decision to change the name of the Ivor Potter Hall.

The Council will create an ‘interpretation’ celebrating his life and contribution to the community of Bude; to be displayed near to the main entrance of the Ivor Potter so that his legacy will be remembered and valued.

The Council would like the Ivor Potter Hall to be used more widely for theatrical productions. It, therefore, calls for a local amateur dramatic club, organization or group, to come forward with a proposal to create a show celebrating the life of Ivor Potter to be held in the Ivor Potter Hall. The Council intends to provide support and co-operation with the group to ensure the life and work of Ivor Potter is celebrated appropriately. This to be delegated to the Communities Committee.


  • Lucille Opie says:

    I am so pleased the council almost immediately made up its mind to rescind the decision when it was inundated with objections, but of course had to wait for the next full council meeting to officially do so. There was quite a body of Ivor Potter fans attended the council meeting this week to hear the councillors vote to rescind, which they did with the exception of one person. Personally I am delighted that, when it realised that so many of the general public were so upset, the council was prepared to rescind. It shows that we have a good working council that is prepared to listen to the community it represents.



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