Restoring lost wildlife to Cornwall

From Cornwall Council:

In response to the climate and ecological emergency, Cornwall Council is committed to working with residents and partners to grow nature – ensuring that there is more of it, and that it is bigger, better and more joined up.

Cornwall’s draft Local Nature Recovery Strategy outlines our developing proposals for how we can achieve this. By creating, protecting, enhancing and restoring a Cornwall Nature Recovery Network, we can help restore ecosystem and human health whilst bolstering the foundations for a prosperous Cornish economy.

One way to do this is to restore lost wildlife back into Cornwall. We are undertaking a study into the benefits and challenges of reintroducing species that once lived here – and we want to hear from you!

The survey asks for your views on the potential reintroduction of six species: red squirrel, water vole, pine marten, wild boar, Eurasian beaver, and wildcat. Although other animals may be considered, these six are regarded as the most feasible to return to modern day Cornwall. You will also be asked if you have any photos, anecdotes or records of locally extinct species.

We’d like to hear from members of the public as well as people whose land or livelihoods are more likely to be affected by species reintroductions.


  • If you are a member of the public, please complete the PUBLIC SURVEY .


  • If you belong to an organisation or interest group (such as a charity, community group, utility company, tourism business or regulator) or if you are a stakeholder (such as farmer, small holder, landowner, manager or agent), please complete the STAKEHOLDER SURVEY.

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