Restaurant no-shows are Bude’s Covid woe

The good old Office for National Statistics has been kept busier than ever with Covid – 19.

Recently, it reported on retail sales, saying that retail continued to recover from the sharp falls seen in April, with overall sales now almost back to pre-pandemic levels. But there are some dramatic differences in sales across the retail industry.

“Food sales continue above their pre-pandemic levels due to the closure of cafes, restaurants and pubs. Online sales have risen to record levels, and now count for £3 in every £10 spent. On the other hand, clothing sales remain depressed and across the high street sales in non-food stores are down by around one-third on pre-pandemic levels.
The latest three months as a whole still saw the weakest quarterly growth on record.”

When I read this, I put an offer on the Facebook page for Bude businesses to report in on how things were going for them. I assumed they must be keeping very busy as no one got in touch. It seems no one want a free mention or short out for their business, so that’s great. Glad businesses in Bude are doing so well.

I do have to mention this from our sponsor, The Surfin’ Frog, though because it strikes me as downright unfair. I don’t know if the culprits are locals or visitors, but either way, it’s not on. ON their Facebook page, they wrote:

I don’t know how other restaurants are getting on in these strange post-covid times (I wish it was post) but we’re getting heartily fed up of no-shows. Tonight we had one reservation which didn’t show up and one person rang and asked for a table “now” and then never came. We’re only a small restaurant, even smaller now, and no-shows really make a difference. We don’t want to have to take a deposit before taking a booking but may have to if the trend continues.
On a positive note, the customers who do come in are more than happy to co-operate in any way they can, and are really grateful for the service we’re giving.
Thanks to everyone who supports us, and good luck to all the businesses in Bude. We’re all in this together.

I gather from the comments that Sea Fever are having the same problem. It seems like it is time to start taking non-refundable deposits, so people make the effort to turn up. We seem to be living in such ill-mannered times. Locals, please support Bude’s businesses as much as you can if you are enjoying eating out, a trip to the pub, shopping, etc.

By the way, if you are dining out face masks should be removed before entering a restaurant, placed in a bag or pocket, and then hands need to be sanitised.


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