Residents over politics


I am Lorraine Corrigan-Turner and I am standing for election on Thursday 27th June 2019 for Flexbury & Poughill Ward of the Bude & Stratton Town Council.

Who am I?

I am not affiliated with any political party and I believe in residents over politics.

I have lived in the Bude area for 21 years, I am 42 years old and married to a Cornishman and we have a 9-year-old son.

I work in Flexbury as a Student Support Officer and I love my job.

I have spent most of my adult life working within Customer Service roles and developing a particular interest in IT issues – I am approachable and have many years of experience in dealing with people in an advisory capacity.

I am highly motivated to achieve positive results.

What am I passionate about?

Stratton Hospital, especially the Minor Injuries Unit and believe the residents of Bude and the surrounding areas deserve better medical provision. I started my campaign on 10th March 2019, after the public panel meeting. I was so outraged by what was said, I decided that someone had to do something. I could not just sit and do nothing and hope someone else would stand up and fight.

I would like to help create a better Bude, whilst retaining its natural beauty and assisting the current organisations to build a great future.

More houses are being built, more people are coming to Bude to visit and to live, we need better infrastructure, so I would like to continue to campaign to achieve this.

Why am I campaigning?

Our son collapsed when he was 6, we all know how the ambulance service is stretched and often falls far below the national average on response times, so we put him in the car and took him to Stratton MIU. His blood glucose was dangerously low (1.4) the nurse that saw him saved him, for she realised very quickly what the issue was and managed to get his blood sugars up slightly and stable enough to travel to NDDH (Barnstaple Hospital) where he was treated and diagnosed with Ketotic Hypoglycaemia. His blood sugar drops randomly (he does not have diabetes) so for us, having Stratton MIU that close is really really important to us!

5 weeks ago my father collapsed and stopped breathing, my mum did CPR whilst I called an ambulance; he had had a heart attack, but Mum managed to bring him back. The ambulance took an hour to get to us, he was admitted and had a further 2 heart attacks and flat-lined a total of 3 times. He had surgery, had a stent and pacemaker fitted, and he is now home recovering from his ordeal. The care he received was amazing in Derriford Hospital, but, we still needed to travel up to 4 hours a day to get there (we spent a lot of time there whilst he was in intensive care).

My Mum was knocked over by their dog, and she broke her leg in quite a spectacular way! She was in agonising pain and it took the ambulance 50 minutes to get to her, a further hour to move her, but again the paramedics were amazing, along with the staff at NDDH (Barnstaple).

I started by creating the Facebook page Save Stratton MIU (overnight) The group became very popular very quickly and now has 1553 members, I collected hundreds of personal experiences of using the MIU, also ambulance response times and information on using the 111 service.

As a result, I was asked to organise a petition this started with the online petition which has (as of 23rd June 19) 1026 signatures. I was very quickly requested to provide a paper version, so these have been in various shops/businesses/schools/churches and holiday accommodation. These stand at 1677 signatures with many more due to arrive. I plan to hand these, personal experiences and the letters of support over to the panel at the next public meeting, which is 8th July 2019 at the Parkhouse Centre.

We are hoping for an update on that day. If something positive arises, I hope the signatures, stories and letters will be a little added extra of support for Stratton MIU.

Brilliantly, I have had the support of many local people (and beyond!) who have contacted me with support and offers of help.

I was contacted by a local Cornwall Councillor and I have been assisting with information to be passed on to the relevant authorities. This quickly progressed and the collection of statistics started. There are 2 sites that show waiting times for MIU/A&E’s. These results have been collected and saved and can be viewed along with further information on either on my Save Stratton MIU (Overnight) facebook page or on  On many occasions, Stratton was busier than other MIUs in Cornwall, which shows we need this 24hr service. At one point there were more patients in Stratton MIU than in NDDH (Barnstaple A&E)!

Additionally, I am Chairperson for Bude After School Club, which is a non-profit-making charity, we care for school-age children after school and during school holidays; we also work alongside social services and the council offering emergency care. The Manager and team organise and plan loads of fantastic things to do and amazing day trips; last year we applied for funding and were able to fund entry fees to some very exciting places, some of which would not have been possible if we hadn’t been accepted for the funding, so many children were able to experience days out that some families may not otherwise have been able to afford. We also regularly support beach cleaning; the children enjoy learning about the environment and making the right choices.

Other reasons I am standing for election?

I would like to see the Police Station fully functioning again, as Bude residents need to feel safer.

Visitors need to know we have great services in a great area.

I would also like to help educate residents and visitors on making the right environmental choices for our town.

If anyone would like to ask any questions there is a ‘contact’ form on my website, or please email

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