Rescue at Crackington Haven

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team members were paged at 14:12 yesterday (Saturday 25th August) by the Coastguard Operations Centre in Falmouth, following a report of three people trapped on rocks by the incoming tide at Pencannow Point, just north of Crackington Haven. Boscastle CRT was also tasked, their second call-out of the day.


As a Lifeguard (RNLI) from nearby Crackington Haven made their way to the casualty’s position on a rescue board, and with the Coastguard teams arriving on scene, it was felt that, although a rope rescue was indeed possible, as the casualties were apparently in no immediate danger the lifeboat might be the best rescue option. The Bude Coastguard Officer-in-Charge requested the Bude Lifeboat as the safest form of extrication for all concerned.

As the Lifeboat crew members were tasked and assembling, Bude and Boscastle CRTs nonetheless prepared themselves for a rope rescue, should the boat not be able to retrieve the casualties from the rocks.

Bude Lifeboat – photo courtesy of Lisa Tame, Bude RNLI

However, after arriving on scene and scanning for the safest extrication point, the boat manoeuvered into position, and all three casualties were recovered from the rocks and into the Lifeboat.

Once safely aboard, the Lifeboat returned the casualties to Crackington Haven beach, and to their friend who had raised the alarm in the first place.

With the casualties safe and in no need of medical assistance, all teams were duly stood down.

Bude Lifeboat Facebook page provided more details of the rescue:

With a number of crew members already at the Lifeboat Weekend marquee on the Castle Green, it was a quick response and launch for the Bude ILB ((D-756) to three people who had been cut off by the tide while walking from Millook Beach to Crackington Haven.

The group had set out this morning on a long walk to enjoy the good Bank Holiday weather. Unfortunately, when nearing Crackington, the group realised that they had misjudged the tide and had become cut off. Although well equipped and prepared, unfortunately, the area at the bottom of the cliffs had no mobile signal: luckily a fourth member of the group was able to climb up the cliff and alerted the lifeguards on the beach.

The group had been stuck for some time by then and the waves were breaking around the rocks where they were stranded, with about an hour before the tide would have risen to a dangerous level. With an RNLI Lifeguard and Bude CRT on scene, the Bude ILB was manoeuvred inshore in choppy conditions and recovered the casualties one by one onto the lifeboat.

A great joint effort from the Lifeboat and the Coastguard, helping to keep us all safe. Thanks!







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