Remembrance poem by Johanna Jackson

Thanks to Johanna Jackson for this Remembrance offering:


WWI – A Soldier’s Voice


As I slip and slide in these muddy trenches

My thoughts stray back to our kitchen benches

How I long to be with you, in the warmth of our home

Instead of here, in the mud, feeling cold and alone

My love is with you in every wish and thought

Whilst here in the trenches, I truly have naught

Boys and men cry out, as the shots ring true

The air filled with smoke, is hiding a sky of blue

We try and keep jolly, hoping this war will end soon

But I fear it is here, that I will meet my doom

I’m writing to you, in case this is the last one

We’ve been told to stand up and pick up a gun

Never forget me my love and all that we share

Know it is you for whom I truly do care

Standing strong now my love, I do not forget

Your beautiful face or the first day that we met

As a bullet hits home with such a cruel thud

A letter and gun join the man in the mud

© Johanna Jackson – Nov 2018

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