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I’m no Luddite, but in 2019, I have been increasingly alarmed at how much of my time is taken up with social media, which made me ask myself the question why am I using it? I didn’t really have a sensible answer. Why would anyone who doesn’t really know me be interested in what I do, anyway? Those who do know me also know how to get in touch with me!

So, I’ve abandoned my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts. I can’t run the Bude & Beyond Facebook page without having a personal FB so I’ve kept it but muted it and deleted the FB and Messenger apps from my phone. This is therefore just advisory that if anyone tries to contact me by those methods, or thinks I should have seen things they’ve posted, then it probably won’t work, or at the very best, there will be a delay in my response.

I still have all the B & B social media, the email and my phone/WhatsApp on 07456 461838, which strikes me as enough for anyone.

Hoping I will live more and check my phone less. Last January I tried Veganuary, so maybe this coming year, it is time to try life without too much social media. Wish me luck!

JESHOOTS / Pixabay

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  • Joy Hamley says:

    I think it would great for everyone to become more engaged with real world and to talk face to face. Communication skills are being lost! I check emails and messages morning and evening and respond accordingly. My phone is just that and not set up to receive emails or FB. Get out and enjoy the world…..! For those unable to be so mobile social media can be a lifeline. Use it, don’t let it use you!

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