Recycling to Restart in #Torridge

Recycling services to Torridge’s 31,500 households will be reintroduced from Monday 13th July.

In just over a week since the Council learnt of the sudden and immediate closure of South Molton Recycling, Council Officers and its partners have built an entirely new service, from scratch, to deliver recycling services across the district once more.

Plans have been put in place to re-start collections on the same days and for the same materials as were previously collected. The only difference that residents will notice is that materials will not be sorted at the kerbside but later by a reprocessor. This allows for a much smoother and quicker collection method with the separation and grading of materials occurring at a later stage. Residents will be able to put out their recycling in the same receptacles they used previously – green box, and green and brown bags.

A fleet of vehicles have been acquired to operate the scheme and 13 local people employed in what is also a positive boost for local jobs and the economy. During the current week, the Council will also continue with the deployment of further ‘bring site’ facilities to support recycling ahead of next weeks resumption of kerbside collection. A list of these can be found on the Councils website and in posters being distributed across the district. In the interim vehicles will be unbranded and similar to standard refuse vehicles used by the Council. However none of the materials collected will go to landfill, which was an important consideration in the Councils efforts to find a solution.

Councillor James Morrish – Deputy Leader Torridge District Council said:

“This is fantastic news following the totally unexpected and unprecedented cessation of collections forced on the Council just over a week ago. It’s really down to the team effort of Councillors, Officers and third party partners in pulling out all the stops to quickly find a sustainable way forward. However none of this would have been possible without the cooperation and support of our residents, who have really shown great patience, understanding and commitment to helping us during this difficult period. Bring sites have been well used and it really shows the extra effort people have made to continue recycling and protecting the environment. The community spirit shown really demonstrates a united Torridge at its best.”

Verna Green – TDC Strategic Manager for Services said:

“I am really pleased that everyone has rallied together, which has allowed us to reintroduce kerbside recycling collections back into the District so quickly. The logistics involved in bringing the service in-house has been a huge hurdle to overcome, but through the goodwill of residents and hard work of everyone involved a solution has been devised and will now be implemented. Because collections will be on the same day and for the same materials as previously, we hope that this will provide a seamless transition for residents to the new service. We will now move forward to assessing a process for assisted collections and distribution of bags and boxes for new residents, but this should quickly follow in the coming weeks.”

TDC New Kerbside Collection - July 2015



Well done to Torridge Council in a prompt response to a difficult problem.

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