Recycling at Summerleaze – will removal of bins encourage fly tipping?

Ex-Cornwall Council councillor, Nigel Pearce, is still on the case when he feels a wrong decision has been made. Nigel communicated recently with the Council about the recycling bins at Summerleaze Beach.

In an email, he wrote:

I’m very disappointed the recycling at Summerleaze beach is being taken away by Cornwall Council.
It means that holidaymakers and locals have nowhere else to take their recycling as all of the supermarkets have also closed their recycling banks in Bude 
Is the the Council not meant to be encouraging recycling and discouraging fly tipping?  This will increase if the recycling is removed 
I would expect more of Cornwall Council.
Questions have also been asked about the deteriorating state of the beach huts. Hopefully, we will have a response for you on both issues soon.

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