Reader view: a ‘life skills’ container on Summerleaze Downs?

rom Lucille Opie:

Re. the proposed course to be run in Bude by the Pearl Exchange for a group of 18 to 30 year olds to improve their life skills, it sounds like a very worthwhile project and I have absolutely no quarrel with it at all…    Except  for the fact that they propose to run the course on the Summerleaze Downs  and  in order to do so they intend  erecting 4 or 5 metal shipping containers on the Downs from October until the end of April next year. For this I have great concerns.

The Summerleaze Downs are unique to Bude and part of the reason holiday makers come here. The Downs are for leisure pursuits only and there should be no building on them, even temporarily. I was involved helping to prepare the Bude Neighbourhood Plan and we were adamant that the Summerleaze Downs should be protected.  \\

Also – If the course is a success, and I am sure it will be, Pearl Exchange will wish to run the project the following year; and yes, that would be great but, – NOT on the Downs! It will set a precedent for sure.  It is not as if there is nowhere else the project could take place. There are several other places in Bude.

I appeal to our Council not allow this. If anyone else feels as I do about this project, or even takes the opposite view please let the Bude Stratton Town Council know. The subject will be on the agenda at the Council meeting this week ie. 23rd July as last week’s meeting was postponed.


Great view from the downs


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