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Crystal Energy Healing is as it sounds – it is the use of crystal and stone energies to promote healing, guidance and magic. There are probably many of you right now using Crystal Energy!

Many items of jewellery have crystals in them as well as watches, other technologies…or maybe you just have a collection of them in your home somewhere!

Crystals have been used for thousands of years; some of the earliest known uses included burial goods for the afterlife in the Stone Age; but most people will know that many Ancient cultures utilised crystals for their every day use as well as healing and magic!

Some of the well-known cultures include Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Many of the well known properties of certain crystals were established during those times as well as their lores and legends.

For example: rose quartz is of known as the ‘Stone of Love’. It was believed by the Ancient Greeks that Aphrodite pricked herself on a rose bush and her divine blood dripped onto some nearby clear quartz, staining it pink. Many Ancient cultures believed that crystals were often Divine substances of the Gods and Goddesses.

This practice of using crystals for healing, divination (remember, it means interpreting the God/s’ will) and magic went on for thousands of years, only falling out of favour during the Enlightenment Period, when science overtook irrational thought.

However, in an ironic twist, crystals became a part of science as well! Crystal energy is basically described as a tiny electric charge and it can subtly alter the energetic charge of its surroundings and our bodies. In fact, crystals are also used to power some technologies – quartz watches are more accurate at keeping time than digital. Diamond (the hardest crystal known to man) is used for cutting technologies.


These days, crystals are often mistakenly thought of as just new age, which is true in a sense as they have been going through a revival as well as a popularity surge but ultimately they have been used by the human race for a long time…they never left us.


Many spiritual and magical practitioners will utilise crystal energy in their workings in some way, shape or form. Often used to help guide healing, promote change, to manifest something, used as charms or amulets, in spell work … crystals have a use for almost anything!


So How Does Crystal Energy Healing And Magic Work?


Depending on the crystalline structure (think like a blueprint) as well as colour (often caused by the chemical formula of the crystal) and other inclusions, the properties of a crystal can change to affect different aspects of our lives as well as our bodies – some clients of mine have reported feeling tingling sensations as well as temperature changes when crystals are placed on the body.


Crystals work by bringing the energy that the person needs,  not wants.
They are also very good at bringing up the underlying issues that have caused the current issue being felt by the person; hence why Crystal Energy Healing can be like a Tarot reading – it can reveal deep truths that one may not be ready to face, but need to in order to move on with one’s life.


As a White Moon Witch, I utilise Crystals in my spiritual craft all the time. I just love Crystals!


I wear crystals in my jewellery almost everyday and have them on my altar and scared space. When I do any kind of magical or spirit workings – I often will have a crystal with me.

My current, go-to, working crystal is Selenite.

Selenite is a form of gypsum – a prehistoric sea salt that is translucent and very connected to the Goddess, especially the Moon. Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon – Selene, who is the primary Goddess that I worship within my Craft.


Most magic working with crystals comes from taking a crystal with certain properties and charging it with your intention or wish to make change happen (whether than is manifesting or banishing).

For example, if one wishes to bring good fortune and abundance into their life, one can carry Green Adventurine (Stone of Good Fortune) or Ruby (Stone of Wealth). To break a bad habit, use Amethyst (Stone of Physical/Spiritual Healing). To banish something or someone out of your life, Obsidian (Stone of Protection) is great for protection and cutting ties.

But one does not need any fancy nor expensive crystals to access to their energies. You can always just use, good old fashioned Clear Quartz.

Most crystals are of the Quartz family – many coloured crystals are just Clear Quartz tainted by inclusions in the crystal and it’s chemical formula. Remember Rose Quartz? It’s pink due to its inclusions of iron or titanium.


Crystal Energy Healing Sessions


I offer two sessions of Crystal Energy Healing as well as a Crystal Energy Stones Reading.


Crystal Energy Healing sessions with me can either be 30+ minutes for just £30 or 60+ minutes for £50. Both sessions include mini oracle card readings!


A Crystal Energy Healing session with me consists of working with the 7 energy points on the body (known as Chakras) and clearing away any blockages concerning certain areas of one’s life. The session can also focus on an ailment the client may have and work at seeing what the underlying issue is causing it, as well as guidance on how to move forward with one’s life.


Crystal Energy Stone Readings are just £20 for 30 minutes, but can double as a mini healing session too. I use the Crystal Stones like one would cast lots and then use the energies to do a Psychic Reading for the client.


Currently, all of my services are available on-line only (Telephone, E-mail, Video Call), but I am hoping to offer one-to-one sessions in the near future. Stay tuned!




I do hope that you enjoy this article on Crystal Energy Healing and that it enlightened you to the wonderful and delightful aspects of crystals and how they still are used in the modern day.

I also hope that it may inspire you to try out crystals for yourself!

If you wish to, a local Bude shop I can recommend is Jemima Rainbow; they have a good selection of crystals available at a good price for sale.





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