Questions being asked as dogs die from poisoning

Sadly, two dogs have recently died at Shop, in Morwenstow.

Of the two, one was confirmed to have ingested poison, but the second dog died before a blood test could be done,  though the symptoms were the same. The question in local minds is what the source of the poison is and where it is from.

Further owners have come forward to say their dogs have been poorly with similar symptoms. Investigations are ongoing to find out what happened to these dogs. One hypothesis was that the dogs may have eaten poisonous plants but this seems unlikely.  Whatever the answer, please be careful when out walking your dog.

For now, if you are walking your dogs in the countryside, the advice is to keep your dog/s on a lead, so they do not have chance to pick anything up. More information when available.

This is not one of the dogs – used for illustrative purposes only

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