Pulling a wedding out of the bag in Covid times

Sent in by Rachel Sinden, to whom big thanks and hearty congratulations:
A little pick me up story for Tier 3 Cornwall – with a happy ending!

Rachel says all the heaters were on; hence, the red glow!

We had our wedding planned and booked for the 31st of December in Poundstock church, followed by a reception at the Gildhouse opposite. We spent six hours decorating the church on the 30th. Then the news hit we would be in Tier 3 from midnight and we realised our reception would not be able to go ahead.

Poundstock Church

This was at 3.30pm. My husband to be was at the venue sorting speakers for our the music when I called to tell him. We were both gutted.
We decided we wouldn’t let it defeat us. I called the vicar and asked of the possibility of doing the ceremony that evening with the reception to follow.

Poundstock’s beautiful Gildhouse

He rushed to ask the church warden; in the meantime my partner phoned the caterers to see if they could provide their services that night instead of the following day. Amazingly, he rearranged his evening and said ‘yes’. The vicar called at 4.40 and said yes.
The next hour or so was a blur of rushing to my parents, making phone calls left right and centre, and the marriage took place at 6.15 pm.
Everyone came forward for us: the photographer and videographer last minute managed to get there on time, the florist called in a favour and got to the church to give out the buttonholes and bouquets, not to mention all our guests getting ready and changing their arrangements to make it.
We feel so grateful that our lovely little community pulled it out the bag to give us the most incredible wedding. Everyone thought it was fantastic that we turned it around in such a short space of time.

The Happy Couple

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