Puffin found at Middle Beach

Thanks to Sue Gear of Born to be Wild for this photo of a beautiful Puffin who was found on Middle Beach between Crooklets beach and the Sea Pool yesterday by a lady called Kaz Cox. I’ve never seen a puffin so close up before.
Sue met Kaz in Bude while also picking up an injured pigeon and sickly hedgehog. What an amazing lady she is.
Although Mr Puffin is looking great, Sue and family have been watching and feeding him and have noticed he has a head tilt, so is now wondering if it has had a bit of a knock on the head.  Sue says:  “I am really pleased I have got him to eat his sand eels; that’s got to be a positive sign, fingers crossed for this special little bird”. Suspect the creature should really be on Lundy!

Any donations for Sue’s charity are always very welcome, to help her save injured wildlife. Sue is always shy of asking for money for her mission, but this really is a great local charity to help. Check out her facebook page to see how much she does.

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