Project Lock Down Diaries

A new Facebook group has started in Bude called Project Lockdown Diaries.

The group is the brainchild of Clair Roberts of The Kitchen Front. The page is now administered by Clair, along with Hilary Curtis and Harry Pearce, and is already yielding some fascinating information about people’s hopes and fears, alongside their day to day experiences. If I ever get some spare time (somehow busier than ever here) I will join in.

Here’s the description:

This is a place to record notable events in our lives as they happen. The experience of the individual must be recorded as well as collective media reports.

We are experience a pivotal change in our society due to the COVID19 pandemic. It will change the way we live.

During WWII a thing called Mass Observation asked the general public to write in about their day to day lives, recording hopes, fears, experiences. These records formed a fascinating and true insight as things happened, not written retrospectively from memory. Little was recorded from Cornwall in particular.

Project Lock Down Diaries is established to record our experiences, feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams in real time. Many of you are key or front line workers; some of you fearful, others mums of young children, some in the at risk category. Already, we have witnessed our nation go from panic and horrible greed to incredible kindness, generosity and fantastic community spirit. We have seen our NHS (and others) become our new heroes. A massive shift in our priorities.

If we do not record our experiences as they happen, those memories will fade, and the moment will be lost.

We have one opportunity to record this most difficult and unusual of times, which (we hope) we may never experience again. The narrative will be recorded for archive and used for community projects for the future.

Your integrity, confidentiality and candour is vital to this project. Thank you.

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