Producers meet politicians to celebrate St Piran’s Day

Steve Double, Sheryll Murray, Scott Mann and Derek Thomas celebrating St Piran’s Day in Parliament alongside Cornish food and drink producers.

Some of Cornwall’s most famous and upcoming food and drink producers have visited the Houses of Parliament to celebrate St Piran’s Day and to show off an array of products to MPs and government ministers.

The Taste of Cornwall event, which was held in the Palace of Westminster, saw an array of producers displaying samples of their food and drink products including ale, wine, gin, cream, tea, biscuits, cheese, chocolate and crisps.

The event was held by Cornwall’s six MPs – Steve Double, George Eustice, Scott Mann, Sheryll Murray, Sarah Newton and Derek Thomas – and sponsored by Great Western Railway (GWR) and Steve Andrew’s Tyres which is based in Bodmin, St Austell and Truro. (I found the railway bit a tad ironic given the poor service much of north Cornwall has!)

In attendance were: Kernow Chocolate, Knightor Winery, Cornish Cheese Co., Cornish Orchards, St Austell Brewery, Southwestern Distillery(Tarquin’s), Furniss, Tregothnan, Lynher Dairies, Rodda’s and Provenance Brands which itself includes Warrens Bakery, Cornish Sea Salt and the Great British Crisp Company, among others.

As well as celebrating the patron saint of Cornwall, the event was also an opportunity to celebrate the Cornish food and drink sector which continues to grow and thrive.

Scott Mann and Tarquin Leadbetter from Southwestern Distillery celebrating St Piran’s Day with Tarquin’s Gin.


Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, said:

“What better way to celebrate St Piran’s Day than to invite some of our finest Cornish food and drink producers to Parliament to show off their fantastic products to MPs and government ministers.


“Cornwall has a thriving food and drink sector which is now exporting products all over the world, and this is something we should be very proud of. The event was a great opportunity for some of the county’s best producers to show off their products as well as to join Cornish MPs in celebrating St Piran’s Day.


“Today has been a great success in highlighting what Cornwall has to offer the UK and the world, and I look forward to holding this event again in the future for more Cornish food and drink businesses.”



David Raynham at Tregothnan said:


“It is a very exciting time at Tregothnan as we continue to expand our exports around the world. We now sell our tea and biscuits to China and Taiwan, and this week we are hosting Japanese food and drink representatives to have a look around the estate and see how we grow our amazing range of teas.


“Today’s event was a great opportunity to show the success of our business and the global reach we are making.”



Alex Shapland, Managing Director of Kernow Chocolate, said:


“In just a few short years Kernow Chocolate has gone from strength to strength as we continue to expand our product range and sell to an increasing number of customers around the UK.


“As well as the chocolate which we sell ourselves, we also produce bespoke bars for world-famous organisations including the Eden Project, the National Trust and Alton Towers.


“It was fantastic to attend today’s event and meet MPs from all over the UK as well as fellow Cornish producers who likewise have made huge successes of their brands.”



Debbie Courat from Lynher Dairies said:


“Lynher Dairies has been the exclusive home of Cornish Yarg for over three decades and our business continues to grow. We now have a 30-strong team, and due to growing sales, we’ve just recently finished an extension to the dairy.


“Our new Kern was recently crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards, and following the success of exporting our Yarg to the USA, we are hopeful that the Kern will follow suit too.”



Phil Ugalde, Chairman of Furniss, said:


“Furniss is the most popular gifting biscuit in Cornwall which is famous for its Cornish Fairing which originally used to be gifted to a loved one at Cornish fairs.


“After many years based in Cornwall, we are planning a national sales drive in 2018 and already exporting to 12 countries around the world.”

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