Private parking problems in Bude …

A reader contacted our Facebook page to say they’d had a parking problem in one of the town car parks.



A cautionary tale – I went into Bude recently and parked in the Burn View Car park (next to golf course) which is run by a private company based in London. I put my registration in and my £1 for 2 hours. After shopping we left the car park after 1hr 43mins. The other day I received a parking fine of £100 for apparently not buying a ticket. I still had the ticket but it had only printed the last 3 letters of my registration. I appealed but this was rejected on the grounds that I had allegedly “contravened the parking conditions” by not providing the full and correct registration number. However they did offer a discounted fine of £20. I have paid this because a failure of a further appeal would cost the full £100.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? If you park in this car park please check that your full registration has been accepted!


I checked to see if anyone else had this problem. One person on Google Reviews said 4 months ago:

Might be cheap but use at your own risk. Sent a fine saying I over stayed and despite me sending a photo my ticket proving I still had over 1 and half hour on my ticket, they refused to admit they were wrong. Do not use unless you want a load of hassle.

Car parking charges there are:

1 Hour  £0.50
2 Hours  £1.00
3 Hours  £2.00
4 Hours  £3.00
5 Hours  £4.00
24 Hours  £6.00
5 Day Permit  £25.00
but exactly what happens if you have a dispute with a private car park? Here is some Citizens Advice info.

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