Pride of Budehaven – School Revels in Outstanding A Level Successes

Wonderful news from Budehaven’s ‘A’ level students once again, and this despite there being a national fall in the top grades (note no one is talking grade inflation this year).The sixth formers at Budehaven Community School were celebrating on Thursday as the school once again achieved excellent Year 13 A level and BTEC results.

With a pass rate in excess of 97% and with 22% of all exams taken passed with a grade A* or A, most of the students have been successful in gaining the grades necessary to attend their first choice university or to start their apprenticeships. 117 students gained a total of 384 results and headteacher, David Barton was delighted: “Competition for university places is getting tougher and tougher each year, and more Budehaven students this year have entered 3 or more A level subjects than ever before. For some, this in itself has been a real challenge and the students have risen to it magnificently. I am really pleased that many students have exceeded their expectations and are justifiably celebrating today. Others needed exceptionally high grades to reach their university of first choice and they, too, all have reason to be celebrating. Not only am I pleased for the students, but I am also thrilled for the teachers who have worked so hard with them to make today’s success possible.”
Notable Successes (but let’s not forget the other students who all worked hard to achieve their goals…)Rhys Dore gained five A levels; with A*, A*, A*, A*, A grades in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Maths and Psychology; he will now be studying Medicine at the University of Oxford (Worcester College).
Louise Kerr gained equally impressive results with A*, A*, A*, A* in Biology, English, Literature, Geography and Maths and will be going to Selwyn College at the University of Cambridge to read Geography.
Robyn Connelly-Webster will be studying politics at the London School of Economics following her four A level grades of A*, A*, A, A (English Language, History, English Literature, French).
Elliot Ball, president of the Sixth Form Committee is another medicine student and will be studying at Imperial College, London. He too, gained excellent grades of A*, A, A, in Religious Studies, Biology and Chemistry.
Patrick Zhang will be joining Elliott at Imperial as a medicine student having gained five A levels in Maths (A*), History (A*), Biology (A), Chemistry (A) and Further Maths (B).
Victoria Lowe is going to Bath University to study Economics and Management having gained A*, A, A, B in PE, Biology, Psychology, Maths.Chair of Governors Jeremy Dowling said: “Governors are particularly pleased with these outstanding results for Year 13 students. We know a number of these sixth formers very well because they have contributed so positively to different aspects of the life of the school and community during their years with us. Some of them have been at the school for seven years; others have only joined us in the Sixth Form. Well done to everybody.” Mr Dowling also recognised the achievements of the Year 12 students who received their AS results on Thursday. “These results always act as a springboard for students as they move into their final year of study”, he said. “Some have done really well and should be encouraged by their results.”

He went on to praise the school for its work in ensuring students were prepared for their next stage of life after school. “We are as always extremely grateful to Matt White, the Head of Sixth form and his team for the leadership and pastoral encouragement which they so consistently offer to our young people preparing to make the transition from school to university.” 

Commenting on the Year 13 results, Head of Sixth Form Matthew White said “I’m delighted for our students. This group of young people have been wonderful to work with over the last two years; they have been extremely responsive and very responsible. I wish all our students every success in the future”.

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