Preparing to fly – Budehaven sixth form university applicants

By Matt White:

Budehaven Sixth Form students are currently making their plans to study at university next autumn.  75 students have applied for places at universities all over the United Kingdom and further afield this year and we are very proud that many have received some excellent conditional offers. Often the application process involves sitting entrance exams and being put through rigorous interviews; our students have acquitted themselves extremely well this year.  

Head of Sixth Form, Matt White, talking to students

Dan Morecroft-Rice has received an offer to read International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response at The University of Manchester. Matthew Cleave, the Sixth Form President has a conditional offer to read Mining Engineering at The University of Exeter. Matthew also attended the Exeter University Progression Scheme, a Year 12 initiative, where he visited Camborne School of Mines and worked with several engineers on a Masters project. 

Of the students who have applied to University, Nathan Pollard has received an offer to read Chemistry at The University of Bath.  Other students who have received very good offers in their fields are Ellie Gregory to Exeter University to study Geography and Sustainability and Freya Roper to Bristol UWE to read Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science. Louis Sampson is also a keen environmentalist and has offers to read Animal Behaviour at Exeter and Aberystwyth. Work Experience is deemed very important in this field and Louis spent time working with the RSPB. Reuben Davies is also interested in this field and has a conditional offer to read Zoological Management at South Gloucester and Stroud College.

Rosie Walsh has conditional offers to read Human Geography at the Universities of Cardiff and Birmingham. Another talented geographer is Lucy Poole who has done well to gain a conditional offer from The University of Birmingham; also Phoebe Munday, a talented artist, has applied to read Fine Art and has received an offer from Bath Spa University and Falmouth University. Another creative student is Oscar Allen, who attended a number of rigorous interviews, showing his portfolio. The interviews were a success as he has a conditional offer from Kingston University, London. Jamie Loader has received a conditional offer to read Computer Science at The Universities of Durham and Bristol. Another committed geographer is Abi Mitchell Ford, who has conditional offers to read this subject at The Universities of Exeter and Aberystwyth.

Budehaven Sixth Form spends a considerable amount of time helping students prepare for interviews. We have been very lucky to have the support of Professor Meryll Dean who voluntarily coached our students providing them with the confidence to perform well. In addition, a number of senior teachers have been coaching students with their interview skills.    

After a strenuous application process, Hattie Oliver has received a conditional offer for Neuroscience at The University of Birmingham. Kai Adams has received conditional offers from The Universities of Bournemouth, Bath Spa, Brighton, South Bank London and Manchester Met to read History. Amber Cummins has also received many conditional offers to read Physics from some of the top Russell Group Universities, such as Bristol and Durham.  Other successful scientists receiving offers include Freddy Fordham from Exeter University to read Mechanical Engineering and Solomon Kemball Dorey to read Electrical Engineering from Cardiff and Bristol. Zara Higham has done well to receive offers to read Biochemistry from The Universities of Southampton and Bristol. Biomedicine is always a competitive course and demands high grades, Beth Chopak has received an offer from Warwick University and Abby Wade has offers from Cardiff and Exeter.

Helena Ruskin is keen to read Law and has offers at Exeter and Cardiff, two prestigious Russell group institutions. Yazz Allworth is another budding lawyer and has a conditional offer from The University of Gloucester. Jack Harker is working hard to achieve the grades so that he can attend Portsmouth University to read Law.

Evie Skipp has done extremely well to receive offers from the University of Lancaster to read Religion and Ethics. Her sister, Emily Skipp, has an offer to read Business at The University of Exeter. Beth Lewis has an offer to read Vet Nursing at Hartpury. Tom Jenkins is attending The University of Bristol to read Criminology. Other keen lawyers include Rhiannon Sealy, who has conditional offers to read Law with Criminology at Cardiff and Bristol UWE. 

Business degrees are popular choices for students at Budehaven and it is important to point out that in Budehaven Sixth Form, Economics A Level is a well-subscribed and successful course. It often inspires students to take the subject further. Max McDonald has an offer to read this subject at The University of Liverpool and Ben Furber has a conditional offer from Manchester. In addition, Zoe Pett has a conditional offer to read Business Management at Bath Spa University.

Amber Houghton, a talented sportswoman, has conditional offers to read Sports Nutrition at either Kingston University, Marjons or Bedfordshire. Kenya Bryant also wants to follow a career in sport and has a conditional offer to read Sports Therapy at Marjon

English, RE and Psychology A Levels are popular and successful subjects at Budehaven, inspiring students to pursue it university level. Cerys O’Neil has a conditional offer to study English Literature at The University of Surrey. In addition, Isobel Tierney has an offer to read Creative Writing at The University of Aberystwyth. Charlotte Callaghan has conditional offers to read Psychology at Bristol UWE, Swansea and Bournemouth.  Izzy Barr has a conditional offer to read Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at Bath Spa University.

Teaching, Dentistry and Nursing are also desirable career paths and this year, there are students who have been interviewed to reach this desired destination. Emily Roberts has had a number of interviews and all the institutions were impressed with her personal statement. Following a Gap Year, Emily will pursue a degree in Nursing. Molly Langford has conditional offers and interviews at The Universities of Bristol, Plymouth, Cardiff and Birmingham to read Dental Hygiene and Therapy. Izzy Milligan has a conditional offer to read Educational Psychology at Bristol University and Edge Hill University. Jake Davey has spent a considerable amount of time in local primary schools, building up his CV and he has been fortunate to be given a conditional offer to read Primary Teaching with QTS at Bath Spa University.   

The current Year 12 are beginning their journey on the UCAS path. Several students have been selected to be part of The University of Exeter Progression Scheme where they attend workshops on subjects such as ancient history, theology, bioscience, geology and mining. They also will be attending the UCAS convention in Exeter in March. Jasmine Smith and Marie Poole have been offered a summer UNIQ course at The University of Oxford. 

Our students’ choices demonstrate a Sixth Form with proven high aspirations and every promise for success. One of the things which Budehaven always sets out to achieve is to prepare Sixth Form students for university life in such a way that the transition from school to university is smooth, because students have not only worked hard, they have also matured as young adults able to cope as readily with examinations as with the immense opportunities which university life presents.

It is good to see that hard work is really paying off, with first class offers from universities right across the UK being made to local students who deserve every success in their exams.  

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