Preapp for Crematorium facility, Poundstock

Pre-application advice has been sought from Cornwall Council for a crematorium facility ‘ Atlantic View’ at Coppathorne, Poundstock, on land west of the A39. The planning number is PA19/01632/PREAPP

The Bazeley Partnership has submitted the application for their client on a site described as under-used agricultural land.

The advice given seems to suggest that the need for an additional crematorium is unproven (the nearest are at Barnstaple or Bodmin) and the site may not be the most suitable, so these issues need addressing.

The Council Planning Dept suggests quantitative evidence regarding the need, including projected population and planned growth within the Cornwall Local Plan. However, it does suggest that funeral corteges should be able to reach their destination within 30 minutes, so that implies one is needed – but is Poundstock the best site for the population? Access via the A39 is good but local settlements are obviously concerned about having such a facility on their doorstep.

While the east of Cornwall may benefit from a closer crematorium, there are also voiced concerns relating to poor consultation as highlighted in this Bude & Stratton Post article. However, this is pre-application advice, not an application.











  • Eric Harris says:

    We are greatly concerned about the exposed location and, as we are in line with the prevailing winds, the toxins released into the air are a worry for us.
    Also, we see a large number of people doing their best to bring Bude and its surroundings up to a more desirable place to be and this will totally destroy all that work as seeing hearses continually going in and out on a daily basis will undoubtedly bring the holiday excitement to a grinding halt.
    As for the location, we have to the west a large ocean that does not require the need for a Crematorium.
    Totally wrong location.

  • Helen Goodgroves says:

    Sorry where have you been there are two undertakers in Bude, and Bude population mainly elderly. This facility couldn’t be more needed and no one has ever complained before about hearse traffic being undesirable? Total disrespectful comment. This area of Cornwall couldn’t need this more. Have you tried getting out of work to attend a funeral – it’s not an hour thing, Bodmin Barnstaple and back your talking half day out of work. Myself and many more would love the chance to show our support to families during their loss. If being open to the wind and toxins is your worry open your eyes this is Cornwall; there are very few places that don’t have trees growing sideways cause of wind and toxins are everywhere.
    Cremations these days have been made as safe as can be. I cannot wait till we have our own local place to attend

  • Helen Faulkner says:

    I live approximately 400 yards from the proposed site, on the A39. It is one of the first clear views overlooking the sea and is an asset to Poundstock, Widemouth Bay and to North Cornwall in general; it would ruin this uninterrupted view of our beautiful coast line.
    I personally don’t wish to see chimneys continually burning bodies in full view of the passing public. Whilst the entrance/exit is supposed to be good, living on the A39 I have noticed over the years a massive increase in the amount of traffic going past my house; with cars coming and going there is a greater increase of adding more bodies to the list.

    I feel the location is totally wrong; between Bude and Launceston would be better in order to cover a wider area preferably away from our amazing coastline.

    • Andrew Peacock says:

      I find Helen’s comments quite remarkable suggesting that somehow a crematorium would increases the number of deaths on the A39? People currently have to travel on the aforementioned road to get to a crematorium facility, as it sounds like she has the environment in mind surely reduced journey times / emissions should be applauded?

      I think we should perhaps wait to see the detailed application with proposed elevations prior to declaring what a ‘disaster’ this would be?

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