‘Pranksters’ make life for Bude’s businesses even harder

It’s been a tough year or so, as we all know. Covid-19 impacted all of us with lockdowns and restrictions/new ways of operating.

I sat outside the other day for refreshments at a local cafe and was asked (every time I ordered something) to pay, simply because people cannot be trusted. In areas created outside for their use (at no mean expense), customers seem to disappear without paying for their food/drink. This is not fair on anyone.

Recently, our lovely sponsor, The Preston Gate, wrote on their social media:

Unfortunately somebody is using our online booking system to make multiple fake bookings, under fake names, using fake phone numbers and fake email address. We know it’s the same person doing this as they have left us a few clues. This is leaving us with lots of no shows over the last two days. Obviously not ideal.
If you are booked over the next week please expect a confirmation call so we can weed out the fake bookings from the real ones. We hate to bother you unnecessarily, so please accept our apologies.
This has been reported to the police; however, I’m just not sure why someone would think this is a good idea. We are owned by a young local family and staffed by a team of awesome local people, who you are harming with this ridiculous act.
It is beyond my comprehension, too, why any business or individual might want to wreck someone else’s livelihood (and not just theirs, their staff). It also wastes food. We wish the Preston Gate well and hope that they and any other business being targeted in this way can find the culprit and also find ways of dealing with this awful situation.
All the P’s at Stratton, who do lots of fundraising for local charities and are also all-round nice people replied:
We have similar problems @alltheps5 in Stratton. It’s sad to think there are people out there so wrapped up in their own misguided, self-centred nastiness. Take care, I hope you find out who it is and bring them to justice.
People, please get a grip. Be kind and supportive.
If you have a gripe with a business, tell them (privately) to give them a chance to put things right. Messing up their lives and making everyone miserable is not the way forward.


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