Post-election message from LibDem Danny

I will put the many questions you have asked for Scott Mann, so thank you for being engaged. Answers reported when I get them.

Meanwhile, the defeated LibDem candidate, Danny Chambers, has written a post-election message on his Facebook page. Here’s the video link.

Our campaign in North Cornwall wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing activists who joined us from all walks of life, who dedicated their time, energy and passion in an attempt to make our community and our country a better place to live. To every single one of you who delivered leaflets, made phone calls, knocked on doors, helped in our office, put up posters and got involved in many other ways, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been truly inspiring.

We are obviously disappointed with the outcome of this election but congratulations to the Conservatives on winning, and we look forward to Brexit being the success that our MP has promised us it will be.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to give a concession speech but I am proud of the causes we campaigned on.

We stood to tackle climate change, tackle poverty and to fund our schools and hospitals fairly. These are all things that North Cornwall’s Conservative MP’s voting record demonstrates he is fairly indifferent to.

As a scientist who cares deeply about climate change, I’m obviously disappointed that we have returned an MP who has the voting record indicative of a climate change denier.

As someone who has got involved in politics to stand up for the poorest and most vulnerable in our area, I’m disappointed that we have returned an MP who’s voting record punishes people for being poor or disabled. Let’s hope he has had a change of heart going forward.

A lot of promises have been made during this campaign by Mr Mann.

So we are looking forward to the new £450 million hospital for Cornwall which will be staffed with some of the 50,000 more nurses that have been pledged.

We are looking forward to more police on our streets.

We are also looking forward to the government finally enacting the Lib Dem coalition policy of correcting the school funding formula so that Cornish schools receive the same level of funding per pupil as schools in the rest of the country. Unfortunately, the Conservatives did not correct the school funding formula after the 2015 or the 2017 general elections, so we are very pleased to hear Scott Mann repeatedly assure us it will happen this time.

We are also relieved that we have assurances that Cornwall will not be worse off in terms of funding as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

I was obviously disappointed that Mr Mann felt his personal safety was too jeopardised to debate me on any of these issues in public, but thankfully he did feel safe enough to turn up to the count.

We will be watching closely to hold our local MP to account and will be vocal if these promises are not delivered.

Our amazing team of nearly 200 activists worked tirelessly to create this dynamic and positive campaign and I’d like to thank the almost 16,000 people who voted for our vision for North Cornwall – we will be back, and I look forward to campaigning for your votes in the next General Election.

If you want to get involved in our campaign for a brighter future for Cornwall please get in touch – send a message or go to

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