Possible Victory for the Save Stratton MIU Campaign

By Council candidate, Steve Haynes:

Health bosses are making a recommendation to next Monday’s Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee that Stratton Hospital 24 hour services are to re-open as a Doctor led Community Treatment Centre from August, in a trial that will last till March next year.

Residents of the surrounding parishes will be able to both make appointments and also walk-in with urgent problems at any time of the day or night.

Steve Haynes, a founding member of the Save Stratton MIU campaign, said:

‘Our primary campaign demand has always been to re-open Stratton MIU overnight services as a doctor-led 24/7 hospital and this looks like a significant victory for our community. It was clear that both residents and hospital staff need to feel safe here, and this looks like a clear way forward to delivering potentially better services to residents who have sometimes felt forgotten by NHS bosses. This positive move is a tribute to those members of our campaign who have attended long meetings both here and in Truro, asking difficult questions and making the decision-makers understand that the needs of Bude and Stratton people cannot be ignored.’

He did make one note of caution.

‘We have a Community Panel Meeting in Bude on Monday 8th July which will be attended by NHS bosses and will be totally devoted to Stratton MIU. It is essential that we have a big attendance and continue to ask questions so that we can be absolutely sure of what the community is being offered. We in the Labour Party and the Save Stratton MIU campaign will continue to ask those difficult questions and will continue to fight for our ongoing demand to significantly upgrade Stratton Hospital to better meet the needs of our isolated communities. I hope to see many of you there!’


  • Robert Uhlig says:

    Great news, but please be honest about this Steve and offer credit where it’s due.

    We need to acknowledge that this is the result of the very hard work of Cornwall Councillor David Parsons, who has been lobbying and negotiating with NHS Partners since the day the MIU overnight service stopped. Petitions and local campaigns helped to make the strength of local opinion known to healthcare providers (even if there were times when they might have risked derailing delicate negotiations). However, without David’s sustained, determined and sensitive diplomacy Bude and Stratton would not have reached this very welcome outcome. There is much for which we have to thank him.

    • This is great news for Bude/Stratton, and David has indeed worked tirelessly as one would expect from him as a longstanding Cornwall councillor. As said, it has been wonderful also to see the community get behind this to give the extra people power needed to make a difference. All involved should be feeling very pleased with this potential outcome.

    • Pat Richens says:

      Good to see our LibDem Councillors finally getting behind this. When we raised concerns over the future of Cornwall’s MIUs, in several CCG and Council meetings since 2017, the LibDem/Independent Cornwall Council, labelled us “scaremongers”.

  • Steve Haynes says:

    I do agree that Councilor Parsons stepped up when others didn’t, as did Councillor Jayne Kirkham when she pursued our case through the Health and Scrutiny Committee, as did those of us who have made those journeys to Truro, attended the meetings and put the difficult questions that kept pressure on those decision-makers. Is this is not down to one person, but a community effort, and it is important to acknowledge the role of our community in this victory

  • Francis Richens says:

    For much of the past few years I seem to remember that Cornwall Council was run by coalitions of LibDems and Independents. Since they had control, through the Scrutiny Committee, of oversight of all proposed NHS changes, I do not see why the local LibDem Cornwall Councillors need congratulating for ignoring the MIU problem until local activists made a fuss.

  • Raymond Shemilt says:

    When I stood against David Parsons for the position of Councillor, my election material was criticised by others because I raised the threat to the MIU. I was accused of scaremongering. There was no mention of the MIU from any other candidate. It was not until we took part in direct action in Truro and we kicked up a fuss at various meetings that any notice was taken by our councillors. This has come about by the community coming together despite our councillors. I am pleased that David Parsons has stepped up but without community pressure, I am sure that we would not have got this first step towards getting what Bude needs and deserves. In particular, we owe a big thank you to councillor Jayne Kirkham who, despite not representing Bude, voiced our concerns in Truro.

  • Graham Hodgson says:

    Living so far away from a major hospital it would be fantastic to have a walk in centre at Stratton available right through the night which is doctor led. Here’s my question though. When surgeries are finding it very difficult to recruit doctors to work in daytime hours, where are these doctors who are prepared to work through the night going to come from.

  • Helen Shingler says:

    If I read this correctly, we still need as much local support as possible at the meeting on 8th of July in Bude? I assume this is therefore a public meeting although it says community panel? Will the public be made aware of the time and location of the meeting?

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