Popping to Penlow for a bit of peace!

Mothering Sunday is looming, and as I’ve written a couple of tributes recently and reported other sad news of loss, I decided to pop to Penlow for a short period of quiet reflection about life and death.

My mother’s ashes are there, and I’m pleased to see her guelder rose is springing into life.

It is a very peaceful site. I remember my mother, living in a small terraced house, going off regularly to the bedroom for some peace and quiet. Well, I think she’d love Atlantic Rest because the only sounds today were of birdsong, lambs, and otherwise, silence.

Sheridon and family well deserve their recent award because this haven of tranquillity is a beautiful natural burial ground, with woodland, surrounded by life: bees, other insects, birds, trees and flowers.

It is beautiful. I find it a lovely place to visit, ‘check up’ on Mum and reflect on life, taking a little time out to just get away from the rushing, my screen, and my over-active brain. It is very calming. It is also so wonderful to have a place nearby where this is possible. I’m really pleased my mother’s ashes are here.

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