Police weather alert

A little more community service info sharing from Devon & Cornwall Police:

Tonight into Friday morning – Storm Emma potentially giving a significant and widespread disruptive severe weather event.

Due to plenty of snow, especially over hills and moors, widespread ice (with potential freezing rain) and strong winds, locally gales on south coasts – leading to drifting and blizzards – will give widespread hazardous conditions. South coasts will have big waves, too.

During the rest of Friday and Saturday – further outbreaks of snow (and again potential freezing rain) – although not expected to be as much as on Thursday/Thursday night – slowly turning more and more to rain through Saturday.

Staying extremely cold with marked wind chill at times through to late Saturday.

Late Saturday/Sunday/Monday expected to be less cold with outbreaks of rain and any lying snow starting to melt, especially during the daytimes

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