Police recruiting for special constables

From Devon & Cornwall Police:

The role of a Special Constable is undertaken on a voluntary basis and few other volunteering opportunities can offer the same challenges and responsibilities, but you will receive unparalleled support every step of the way to help you deal with whatever you may be faced with. No two days will ever be the same and you will work closely with regular police officers to support local communities. You will have the same powers and wear the same uniform as a regular police officer; be given extensive training for the role and gain a thorough grounding in many aspects of police work before you are expected to carry out any police duties. Whatever your reason for joining you will be a vital part of our police family and a valued member of Devon & Cornwall Police.

Chief Officer for Devon & Cornwall Police Special Constabulary, Marc Kastner said: “This is a fantastic opportunity, one unlike any other volunteering position, to work with Devon & Cornwall Police to support regular police officers and make your community safer. The rewards of devoting your time as a Special Constable are numerous, not least giving you the opportunity to develop new skills which can be taken back into your existing work and personal life. On top of the personal rewards you are doing something which really embeds the values of policing in communities and gives you a wider understanding and experience of life.”

Our Specials come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and their motivations for being a part of our police family are numerous. Emily Denyer, one of our Special Constables said: “I joined the Specials to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Having experienced the helpful effect police officers are able to make, I wanted to help by volunteering to enable more people to gain that experience when they need it. I also wanted to give back to my community and help create a stronger bond between civilians and the force, while creating a safer Devon and Cornwall.”

Anyone over the age of 18 years old can apply for the role. There are no formal qualifications required, just commitment and enthusiasm for the police service and being part of something exciting in your local community.

We are opening for recruitment at midday on the 12th January. Interested in finding out more? Visit our website below for more.


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