Police Commissioner visits Bude

Councillor Peter La Broy mentioned on his Facebook page a visit to Bude by Alison Hernandez, the Police Commissioner.

From Councillor La Broy’s Facebook page

At the recent Town Meeting, Inspector Julian Morris represented the Police. He mentioned the geographical problems in our area. The nearest custody suite is now Newquay, not Launceston.

Councillor La Broy mentioned that during the visit, positive progress was made:

Some decent conversations around our Community CCTV, the possible reopening of our station front desk and some sensible discussions around the custody process.

This evening, the Mayor, Bob Willingham added on his page:

There was no shift on getting the custody suite in Launceston open to try to reduce the time spent transporting ‘prisoners’ to be locked up, but an alternative scheme could be trailed called ‘Street to Suite’ where a private security company is called in to provide transportation. There is the chance that we could get some funding to help improve our CCTV network but the best news was that if enough support was shown it might be possible to get the front office at our Police Station open, staffed by volunteers.

From the comments, people in Bude are keen to see a front desk open once more in the town but question the volunteer element.

Let us know your thoughts on this important issue!

Bude PCSOs were once regularly seen in Bude





  • Nick Compton says:

    Please confirm I have understood this correctly. As a homeowner, and tax payer, if someone enters my house without my invitation if I or my dog does them harm I am liable to prosecution. We are told that vigilantes are illegal and that we, again homeowners and taxpayers, are not allowed to confront or stop illegal behaviour. However, we are now being asked to set ourselves up as custodians of the few criminals detained by the police at our own time and expense whilst police officers (the few there are in this locality) go about their daily business. Aldous Huxley could not have made this up.

  • Steve Haynes says:

    ‘Street to Suite’! So, years of cuts to Police numbers and stations in North Cornwall now become a business opportunity for a private security firm, and local people are asked to police themselves. That’s her vision for the future.

  • Pat Richens says:

    Oh good grief. Next, we’ll have a slew of private police forces across the country, protecting the interests of those who can afford to pay for them – just like in the 18th century!

    I agree with Nick Compton. Having volunteers staffing the front desk of our police station begs so many questions around vetting, monitoring, insurance, support; who will police these faux Police? Yet our local politicians call this proposal “the best news”. Really?

    The best news would be a change of government and a return to proper police numbers.

  • Francis Richens says:

    Alison Hernandez, our PCC, should busy herself in getting extra funding for the Police Service from her fellow conservative, Theresa May. Or from whoever replaces her as PM. It is not acceptable for a Tory PCC to seek volunteer staffing for Bude Police Station, rather than making an enormous fuss about cuts to our Police Service.
    Bude needs a professionally staffed 24/7 Police Station and our local politicians should be supporting us in this requirement.

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