PM Johnson’s address …

As events are being cancelled, it looks like being another Covid Christmas, this time with Omicron cases rising at an alarming rate.

Key elements of the Prime Minister’s address earlier were:

  1. If you’re over 18 and had your second jab at least three months ago, then you can get jabbed right now.
  2. Every eligible adult in England can use the national booking service.
  3. There were 78,000 Covid cases today, the highest ever daily number reported.
  4. Thanks to NHS workers and volunteers, plus the military helping to roll out the vaccination programme. Additionally, the royal Mail who are delivering 900,000 testing kits a day. The volunteer site is here
  5. Hospital admissions are going up, but nationwide we are starting to see admissions coming down among some of the more vulnerable older age groups who have had their boosters.
  6. Keep testing.

Chris Whitty added: “What we’ve got is two epidemics on top of one another – an existing Delta epidemic, roughly flat, and a very rapidly growing Omicron epidemic on top of it.”

He added: “I think what most people are doing – and I think this seems very sensible – is prioritising the social interactions that mean a lot to them and, to prioritise those ones, de-prioritising ones that mean much less to them.”

A huge spike in cases and hospitalisations is expected.

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