PM discharged from hospital as Coronavirus victim hospital deaths are set to hit 10k

The PM has been discharged from hospital to continue his recovery at Chequers.

On the advice of his medical team, the PM will not be immediately returning to work. He wishes to thank everybody at St Thomas’ for the brilliant care he has received.

All of his thoughts are with those affected by this illness.


Meanwhile, deaths in UK hospitals are expected to reach over 10,000 today. That does not include deaths at home or in nursing homes, etc.

Well-known names are not immune. Sir Tim Brooke-Taylor is the latest celebrity victim of the virus.


I’m trying not to think too hard about the scale of this problem as I sit incarcerated in my bunker writing this; it is too much to comprehend at the moment when trying to stay positive.

How are you feeling? Have you been affected? Are we fighting a war against a virus, or is it a series of health and social policy filings that is leading to this massive death toll?

Let us know your thoughts …

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