Please use your vote for neighbourhood plan

This comes from a reader, Lucille Opie:

I am appealing to all members of the electorate in the Bude and Stratton area.

Please, please, will you go to your polling station on 4th May and vote for the Referendum to accept the Bude-Stratton Neighbourhood Plan. The members of the steering committee have worked for a long time and done everything they can to protect our area’s open spaces, e.g., the Downs, play areas, cultural assets, etc., of which we are very proud.

The Plan has to have over 50% of the voting electorate saying YES if it is to be accepted. It is vital therefore that we have the support of the people of both Bude and Stratton because only then will the ambitions of the developers be thwarted.

You can learn more about it by reading the Plan. Just type

Then, remember to go to your local polling station on the 4th May and vote for the Plan to be passed at the Referendum.

Lucille Opie

Bude Resident


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