Plastic bag charge rises to 10p

Personally, I try never to leave home without a brilliant Morsbag or two, thanks to Bude Baggers, but now the cost of a single-use plastic carrier bag in English shops has gone up from 5p to 10p, perhaps more will ensure they remember their bags to go shopping.

All stores, big and small, have to apply the charge from today, Friday. Previously, smaller retailers were exempt. The original 5p levy was introduced in England in 2015, which has led to a 95% decline in single-use plastic bag usage..

Campaigners at Friends of the Earth say said the charge should be extended to paper carrier bags (I am not sure why paper bags are a problem, so if anyone can enlighten me, that’s great). while so-called “bags for life”, which are designed to be reused but contain greater amounts of plastic, were posing a “growing problem”. “Bags for life” have been discontinued by Morrisons and the Co-op.

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