Plans submitted for sailing ship accommodation on Bude Canal

Controversial plans have been submitted to moor a large sailing ship on Bude Canal, to be used as “unique holiday accommodation”. The proposal for the 60ft sailing vessel (PA18/10630) from Kate Sampson of Bude Rowing Boats, whose owners also have The Barge.  It has already attracted numerous comments, both for and against.

Some feel that the idea complements the area of The Wharf feeling it is in keeping with the boats/ships of old and would attract more people to the area. Cormac, however, has concerns about water levels and flows within the canal basin. 

There are worries that it would take up a large amount of space on the canal, thereby leaving little access for other craft. Concerns are also expressed about the safety of the vessel if the lock gates broke during a storm as they have before. Some believe it would be an eyesore and a pollutant. A number make the point that there is plenty of holiday accommodation provision already within Bude. Some feel it would be an eyesore and detract from Bude’s natural beauty (though of course, the canal is man-made). There are concerns that the applicant will have a monopoly of leisure facilities on that stretch of canal.

One objection is very detailed about the other boats moored in the estuary and the impact on events such as Lifeboat Day. The Harbour Master also objects, saying:We do not have the facilities to cope with permanently moored live aboard vessels. There are concerns about turning Bude Wharf into a theme park. Great to see a comment from a younger person, aged 23 on there.

A few are fully supportive of the application feeling it enhances the area with an appropriate theme.


So far, 26 comments have been received, 23 objections and 3 in support. If you have a view, join the discussion.

If you want to see pictures of the canal with old ships on, check out our Be Nostalgic Section. Canal section is here.




  • Diana Pring says:

    AGAINST! Inappropriate to have living accommodation on the canal. Enough accommodation for visitors in the town already. 60′ sailing ship would dominate and take up too much room on the Wharf. Wrong for one family/business to have the monopoly on canal activities. (Whoever gave permission for those GHASTLY pedalo SWANS?!) The Harbour Master, whose opinion should be respected, objects and, as a rate payer, so do I.

  • Jane Knocker says:

    I entirely agree with the above comment .
    IT is completely out of place to have living accommodation on the canal ..such a big boat moored on the wharf would badly restrict the existing boat owners . Consideration should be given to local people ..and I think the Harbour Master’s opinion should be paramount .

  • It is great to see your comments, so I hope people keep them coming, as the engagement is wonderful. However, you will need to comment for or against the proposal on Cornwall Council’s website (link in article) to have your say officially. THanks. Editor.

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