Plans for another 116 dwellings in Stratton

You may like to take a look at the documentation associated with this planning application for 116 dwellings for land north of Stratton Road.

Reference PA19/09297, the Application is for Reserved Matters for Phase 2 – Construction of 116 dwellings including market and affordable housing, associated landscaping and site infrastructure (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following outline approval dated 20.12.2016

There are two comments so far, which are objections. One of the key concerns is the issue of infrastructure – not enough doctors, dentists, schools, and so on. See what you think!



  • Graham Hodgson says:

    Just can’t see how this area can sustain any more development when our schools, doctors, dentists etc are pushed to their limits already. Not sure if Im reading this planning right, has this already had outline planning passed. This town will soon be an overflow for every city in the U.K. 228 house means approximately 700 more people moving in, crazy

  • H Cartwright says:

    All resources already stretched to their limit already as Graham says..How can this possibly be approved /practical ?
    Other counties build their schools and doctors surgery first, not have false promises which never materialise , as in the prev planning nearby .

  • Yvonne Bailey says:

    Ridiculous. Bude is so busy now too many non-stop cars and people. Has changed so much; don’t like it much now.

  • J Trewin says:

    This is a Reserved Matters application so it means the number of dwellings have already been approved in a previous Outline application. So your headline is misleading to say the least. According to Cornwall Council’s own figures Bude’s population is to nearly double in 15 years. So yes more houses are going to be needed.. As a community we must make sure developers provide homes to the highest environmental standards and create places that are an asset to our built environment. Now there’s a challenge!

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