Planning for Poughill – have your say

Land off Poughill Road, Poughill, has received outline planning permission for 30 dwellings (PA18/07352) as we all know. But there are some reserved matters awaiting a decision.

So far, there is only one comment, which is an objection to the proposed materials:

No local materials are used in the design of the proposed dwellings; it states that marziale brick could be used on all of the proposed dwellings. This is not a local material and is not used on surrounding buildings, meaning the new houses will not blend in with the surroundings; also, addressing the fact that it is close to Poughill Conservation Area, where lots of the buildings have stone, white render and natural slate, with some houses having thatched roofs, but all the buildings in Poughill are in traditional design. Even directly opposite the proposed development natural stone and slate is used on buildings.
I would like to see slate and stone used on these buildings to reduce visual impact, blend in with the local surroundings and complement the Poughill Conservation Area, this would also agree with the Bude Neighbourhood Plan which states that all new builds should blend in with the current street scene; these buildings do not.

Using local materials will also make the development look better quality, maybe even have some thatched roof houses in the development to make it unique?

Overall, I believe that due to this proposed development being in a rural area, and being near to a conservation area, that the proposed materials need to change, until the design of the buildings change, I object.

Why not have your say, whatever your opinion?


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