Place shaping … what is it?

From Cornwall Council:

Communities in Cornwall are being given a tool to help plan their own futures. 

The Sustainable Growth and Innovation team within Cornwall Council’s Planning and Sustainable Development Service and the Council’s Localism team has created the Place Shaping Community Toolkit, which aims to help towns and villages identify their priorities and ambitions and set them on the road to making them a reality. 

Place shaping is the idea of a community leading its own vision for the future – areas that have been most successful in securing external funding are those that have created, and stuck to, a consistent set of priorities and projects over a set period. 

The toolkit aims to help guide this using four key themes – town and town centre renewal; population growth; sustainable economic growth and key infrastructure. 

It helps communities decide on their vision and priorities and identify which local organisations can deliver them. 

Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for Economy and Planning, Tim Dwelly, said: The aim of this is to help towns and villages produce their own place shaping vision themselves, led by what people living and working there want to see. 

Cornwall Council will provide support at regular intervals throughout the process.  

We appreciate that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to place shaping in Cornwall, as each area is unique and will therefore have different requirements – and that is why we have developed the toolkit. 

The toolkit can be used by any community, however, it will also help those towns looking to apply to the Council’s Town Centre Revitalisation Fundwhich was launched earlier in November. 

The toolkit will be available via the Town Centre Revitalisation Fund webpage on the Cornwall Council website. 

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