Philippa Purchase is standing in the Bude-Stratton Town Council by-election 19th March

Green campaigner, Philippa Purchase, is standing for the Green Party in the Bude-Stratton Town Council Stratton ward by-election on 19th March. Her priorities are improving the environment in the area and lobbying to keep local health services in place. Philippa says “I’m so pleased to have been selected by the Green Party and look forward to the chance to represent the beautiful community of Stratton on the Town Council”.

Philippa is a Bude resident who has been instrumental in persuading Bude-Stratton Town Council to declare a climate emergency and start planning to get to net-zero carbon emissions. She currently sits on the Town Council Climate Change and Environment Committee helping the council develop its climate emergency action plan. Philippa says “We need to take real action on the climate emergency to safeguard future generations”.

Philippa is very concerned about the setback to the overnight service at Stratton MIU. She says “Effective, local healthcare should be a right for all of us but increasingly NHS decision-makers are removing local hospital provision, often by stealth. We should resist any further degradation of the service at Stratton MIU as anything lost is not likely to be reinstated. If I am elected, I will continue to lobby health chiefs and Cornwall Council for reinstatement of this vital service”

Philippa also volunteers at the Refill Shop in Bude and for Friends of the Earth. Philippa has worked alongside many other volunteers throughout 2019 to re-plant the flower beds in the Crescent Street car park, and to maintain the Community Orchard and Bude bio-diversity trail.

Philippa’s priorities for Bude-Stratton Town Council are:

  1. Strong action on the climate crisis – holding the Town Council to their climate emergency pledge
  2. Continuing to monitor the service at Stratton MIU – no more cuts to our NHS services!
  3. Making Bude more wildlife-friendly – changing the management of open spaces and stopping use of weed killers
  4. Improving our air quality – making more space available for pedestrians and cycling
  5. Making the town council more open and accountable – more public consultation on Town Council decisions


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