Philippa is standing for a local election on a green ticket

How wonderful to see a proper election with a choice of candidates happening in Bude-Stratton these days. Hopefully, the days of co-option are over and councillors will be duly elected by local people.

Philippa Purchase is standing for election to Bude-Stratton Town Council in the Flexbury and Poughill ward on 27th June, as the Green Party candidate. Here are her election pledges (please note all candidates are welcome to go public with their election pledges on Bude & Beyond). She says:

The twin threats of climate change and biodiversity loss are the most pressing crises for humanity. Sometimes it seems like these problems are too large for us to face and we understandably look to national or international organisations to fix them. However I believe that every city, town and village also has a part to play, and that includes all of us in Bude.

Bude is a wonderful place to live and has been at the forefront of efforts to protect our precious local environment. As a Bude-Stratton Town Councillor, I would want to support, persuade and encourage the Town Council to go further than it already has done with these most important issues of our age.

I want to see the Town Council focus on four main areas:

Acting on the climate emergency

  • All Town Council activities to be carbon neutral by 2030, including replacing the car fleet with electric vehicles and using a Green energy supplier
  • Encouraging planning applications for new build housing to include high-quality insulation and solar panels in addition to the Bude Green Five planning rules
  • Thermal imaging on buildings to highlight poor insulation and bulk purchase of loft insulation
  • Developing renewables on community buildings including community solar panels
  • Increase electric car charging points
  • Installation of LED streetlights

Encouraging biodiversity

  • Stopping the use of glyphosate weedkiller on council-owned land
  • Reducing the frequency of mowing road verges, thus encouraging wildflowers
  • Setting aside areas for re-wilding to encourage wildlife, birds and insects
  • Considering the environmental impact of all planning applications with an expectation that hedgerows and existing green space is preserved wherever possible

Reducing air pollution

  • Encouraging people to walk and cycle into the town centre
  • Discouraging drivers from leaving car engines idling
  • Reviewing support for public transport, including continued support for re-starting a train service to North Cornwall

Supporting community groups

  • Continuing to work with community groups such as A Greener Bude, BRAG, Bude Canal Trust Partnership and FoBSP to improve the quality of life in the town by reducing litter and dog fouling, discouraging single-use plastics and preserving our beautiful beaches and canal.

About Philippa:

I have lived and worked in the South West in Dorset and Devon since 1991, and for the past year in Cornwall. I retired in 2017 but prior to that, I worked for Dorset County Council as an IT Project Manager. Since I moved to Bude I have become involved with Cornwall Green Party, Friends of the Earth and the Refill Shop. I am organised, hard-working and computer-literate and I understand how councils work.

I live with my partner and we have five grown-up children between us and one grandchild.




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