Petition for Launceston MIU

659 people have already signed a petition to ‘save Launceston MIU).

The petition, started by Roz May, says:

To: NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group, Cornwall Foundation Trust, Cornwall Council and anyone else of accountability.

We, the undersigned, in response to the sudden closure of Launceston’s Minor Injuries Unit with no explanation, give notice to those responsible that we demand full disclosure of why this decision was made and by whom.

We further demand that the Minor Injuries Unit is reopened immediately.

A number of people have commented on the need for the MIU as so many people have poor access to transport.

We reported on 26th July:

Launceston Minor Injury Unit has closed until 1st October, due to staff shortages (coronavirus and pinging). The announcement has seemingly come out of the blue and has taken everyone by surprise at what is a busy time with services under pressure. Presumably, this will place extra strain on Stratton MIU although some staff from Launceston will work temporarily at the large unit at Liskeard, Bodmin and Stratton.


Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust explained their decision, saying:

“We recognise we should have done more to share this decision with the local community and apologise for our lack of communication”.

Strikes me as rather basic that one should communicate with communities impacted by such decisions. Even the local MP found out about it via social media!

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