Pethericks Mill – who knew what gems hide there?

I was invited to visit Pethericks Mill to meet Harriette Farrell of the Home Vintage Store. Someone had told her that Bude & Beyond was the place to go for a mention.


Harriette says:

We have now been open four weeks and sell a wide variety of vintage and retro furniture and homewares, with fresh stock in every week.  Our ethos is to re-use and re-purpose, making the most of what already exists instead of buying new, and we believe that older items are usually better made and more interesting too.

While there is obviously a place for new, there is also a huge interest in vintage and retro, re-using and re-gifting. Harriette’s father was a furniture restorer, which is where her interest developed.

Her husband sources the items which they have until recently largely sold online. Now they feel it is time to have a presence in Bude.


Lovely art deco table and chairs

Like an Aladdin’s cave you will find all sorts at very sensible prices. Here’s just a few …

Bad memories of breaking the one my mother had!

Just along in another unit is a place full of Indonesian imports, mostly sold to wholesalers but also available to the public when open.

Some of the Indonesian work

Down at Pethericks you can find some treasures. Walking about Harriette’s space was like a trip down memory lane for me.


See the photos to understand why!

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