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Sarah Penny – florist and fundraiser extraordinaire

By Sarah Penny with Dawn Robinson-Walsh: Meet Sarah Penny. Here, we look at the work, both occupational and voluntary, of Sarah, who was suggested by Sheridon Rosser of Atlantic Rest. Sarah is Mum to Tegan and Talan. As most local people know, Talan sadly passed away in May, 2017,  from […]

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Rowena Cade – the extraordinary woman behind the Minack

By Dawn Robinson-Walsh: The Minack is a glorious concept and construction down at Porthcurno; it is all the more so when you hear the story of its inspired creator, the incredible Miss Rowena Cade. Born in Spondon, Derbyshire, in 1893, Rowena Cade was one of four siblings. Her sister, Katharine […]

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Bude’s gentleman scientist, Sir Goldsworthy Gurney

By Dawn Robinson-Walsh: One of Bude’s most celebrated, distinguished – and multi-faceted –  historical figures was ‘gentleman scientist’ Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, born on St Valentine’s Day, 1793, who perhaps deserves to be better known than he is, for he made significant contributions to innovation and science.  He died on February […]

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Violet Jessop – Unsinkable Titanic Survivor

By Dawn Robinson-Walsh: Violet Jessop was a Titanic Survivor (enough in itself to make her an interesting person) – she also beat the record of Bude’s Archie Jewell, Titanic survivor.  Not only did she survive the demise of the Titanic (which took 1523 lives), but she also survived two other […]

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Sheridon Rosser, (co) creator of Bude’s natural burial ground

Welcome to our new ‘interesting people’ series, which involves all sorts of people from all walks of life, some local, some national or global, some contemporary, some historical. This came about because I was thinking there are many inspirational people out there who aren’t often publicised, but we know them […]

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Trevor Morris – the ex-miner who brings ammonites to life

By Dawn Robinson-Walsh Recently, walking along a terraced street in the up and coming Bishopthorpe (Bishy) Road area of York after a tasty gastro-pub meal, a friend and I encountered a charming Welsh man standing at his doorstep. Just setting off for an evening trip to his local, he enquired […]

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The Three Hijabis – women changing the face of football

By Dawn Robinson-Walsh   Most right-thinking people were deeply disturbed by the disgraceful racist abuse suffered by talented footballers Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho after the Euros 2021 final where England lost to Italy on penalties. The three young players missed penalties in the 3-2 shootout loss, and […]

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Pamela Colman Smith – Bude’s Pious Pixie

As you know, we have now decided to mix Devon news in with other local news, and have set up a section about features on interesting people, both local and national, contemporary and historical.  We hope that readers will decide to send in their articles or ideas for us to […]

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