People advised not to use Bude Sea Pool

Please note that there is currently significant leakage from the sea pool due to the sluice boards having lifted after bolts on the right hand side have become loose.
This will obviously reduce the water level in the pool.
We therefore advise you not to swim as you may be injured by rocks or other submerged obstacles. In addition, the metal steps leading out of the pool over on the Middle Beach side have some jagged edges on the lower rungs and these too could prove hazardous if you try to use them.
You may also be aware we had new rock falls last week so there are large rocks and boulders on the slope into the water.
We will rectify these problems as soon as the government has lifted restrictions and contractors can empty the pool and undertake the repairs and annual maintenance. In the meantime, please take care while visiting the pool area and if you do use the pool you do so at your own risk.

I rarely go in it, but I love looking at Bude’s iconic sea pool.

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