Penstowe holiday park collapses into liquidation

The much-loved institution that is Penstowe Holiday Park is sadly collapsing in to liquidation with 32 job losses – a casualty of the financial impact of COVID-19.
Too large to receive government aid, too small to survive it seems, the loss will be a blow to locals who have used the facilities such as the pool and bars, and obviously to holiday-makers who visit the lodges. Despite the problems, the Penstowe team nevertheless worked tirelessly to host and entertain guests into September.
However, operating at a considerable ongoing loss was unsustainable – the ‘much loved’ holiday park would need significant government aid to compensate for reduced trade under restricted operating rules. Without support, there was no way the park could possibly survive the pandemic.
Managing director, Simon Carey, said:
‘’Our focus currently is on mitigating the impact on the 220 privately owned holiday lodge owners, and our local supporters.
We have already secured the independent continuation of Gym Ape. We have formed a new company, to initially take control of the 28-acre site and manage the private infrastructure supplying gas and electricity to the lodges.
For now, it is very sadly looking to be the end of Penstowe as we know and love it but we are determined to repair, rebuild and renew as much as possible, staying true to our family-centric ethos.
Our thoughts and support to all of our truly fantastic staff – our Penstowe Family – the efforts of whom, over the years gone by, will never be forgotten. Thank you.
Our thanks also to Scott Mann MP for advocating on Penstowe’s behalf on this journey.’’

The closed gates at Penstowe

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