Palm free peanut butter from Morrisons

Really pleased to be able to go to a supermarket and find palm free peanut butter. Palm oil is in so many things, even those pertaining to be healthy. Someone on the Morrisons website complained it was all peanuts and nothing else, but that is precisely what I liked about it  – that,  and reasonable pricing.

Demand for palm oil has rocketed, causing real problems for rainforests and the creatures therein, such as orang-utans. If there are viable alternatives out there, we should surely be using them but the ubiquitous palm oil finds its way into biscuits, cereals and many other snack foods. Well done to Morrisons for offering tasty peanut butter with no added salt or sugar and no palm oil. There’s a way to go on other products but it’s a good start.

Time to start looking at the label and thinking harder about what we eat.

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