Bude & Beyond’s position on Covid-19

I’ve had a few (justifiable) complaints about so-called ‘conspiracy’ theorists spamming posts on the Bude & Beyond Facebook page. This resulted in my closing it down briefly this morning as I was out getting fresh air at the time, and had neither time nor inclination to deal with it. So, […]

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Weekend local Covid update

Total cases of Covid-19 to 11th January dropped in Cornwall to 1790. In Devon, however, the number rose to 1713. In Torridge, cases dropped to 67. In Bude, cases dropped to 9, and only 3 were recorded in Poundstock and Kilkhampton. Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe dropped to 5, and Hartland […]

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Cornwall’s car parking charges suspended

Cornwall Council will suspend parking charges in all of its car parks from Saturday (January 16 2021) until the end of the current national lockdown, as part of efforts to further limit the spread of coronavirus and to support residents.  The move will mean that some civil enforcement officers and back room staff, due to a reduced service, […]

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Kilkhampton ram-raid burglar jailed

From Devon & Cornwall Police: A crime gang member from Liverpool who ram-raided a Cornwall village shop in a botched bid to steal its cashpoint has been jailed for four years. Anthony Cahill, 35, was one of a quartet of masked crooks who went on an early-hours stealing spree before […]

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Covid update for our area

Yesterday’s interactive map was late being updated. These are the figures relating to the 7 days ending 9th January. The map shows how the pandemic is spreading in the UK. Cases of Covid-19 in Cornwall to 9th January were 2046, while in Devon, they were 1767. Some news reports today […]

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Devon & Cornwall Police launch domestic abuse awareness campaign

From Devon & Cornwall Police: Devon & Cornwall Police is today launching a campaign to raise awareness around domestic abuse and the emotional and psychological impact of controlling and coercive behaviour. The campaign also aims to reassure people that they will still have access to vital police and support services […]

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