Car Fire Near Atlantic Village

The Devon & Somerset Fire Service received  reports of a car fire on the side of the road near to the Asda Stores, Clovelly Road, Bideford, Devon yesterday afternoon. One fire appliance from Bideford attended the incident. It was a private car on the highway. The crew extinguished the small fire, the cause of […]

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Budehaven’s Special ARBour

Politicians have their own ideologies. They talk about standards, exam results, failing schools and free schools. What we never hear about is the very special work already being done in schools by and with children with highly complex needs, so Bude and Beyond is giving Budehaven’s ARBour a shout out. If, like me, you don’t have a child with complex special needs, it is easy never to notice the amazing work that quietly goes on every day in places like the ARBour!

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It’s Not Only Humans Who Tweet!

Twitter, it seems, is not just for people….birds are at it, too, with social interaction and networking vitally improving their life chances!  New research carried out by scientists based in Cornwall reveals for the first time the importance of social networking in producing a successful bird family. The study found […]

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Budehaven Bake Off for Bude Sea Pool

Budehaven Charity Fundraiser – what a scrummy way to raise money for the Sea Pool! The staff of Budehaven school are having an inter-department ‘Great Budehaven Bake Off’ on Friday 26th October 2012. There will be 18 cakes entered and the judging will take place over the morning. All cakes […]

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Penile Cancer – Men Need to Know

It’s not exactly local news but there’s a lot of men living in Bude – and beyond – and this is a newly talked about area so time to spread the word on penile cancer! No apologies for doing so!!  “There’s more to being a man than having a penis.” […]

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Food Labelling Changes Will Mean Healthier Choices

Consumers will be able to make healthier choices about the food they eat with the introduction of a new, consistent system of front of pack labelling, Health Minister Anna Soubry announced today. The announcement of the proposed system – a combination of guideline daily amounts (GDA), colour coding  and high/medium/low […]

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