Overnight treatment withdrawn from Stratton Treatment Centre since Jan 1st


Peter La Broy has announced on his Facebook page that the overnight Community Treatment Centre has been withdrawn from Stratton since January 1st.

He says:

We are told that this is because of increased pressure at Treliske. Our clinician providing cover at Stratton has been redeployed elsewhere leaving us with no overnight cover. We have been told this is a temporary measure, but have not been given any idea of how long this will last.

We have been in contact with our MP Scott Mann and NHS representatives and invited them to attend our public Community Area Network meeting on Monday 13th Jan at the Grenville Rooms, Kilkhampton at 6.45 pm.

We are deeply concerned that this crucial service has been withdrawn yet again with no communication or consultation to our community which undermines the trust we had built over the last year. David Parsons, Nicky Chopak and myself are yet again doing everything we can to resolve the issue asap.

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