Over 5000 people read Oliver’s story

Oliver with his sister.

The courage of Oliver’s Mum, Sue Fisher, has been repaid in spades after she asked to tell Oliver’s story on Bude & Beyond, as so far over 5200 people have seen (and hopefully read) the article from the interview. Many have said on social media that they will share it with their families.

All Sue wanted was to get the message out about the real impact of Ecstasy or MDMA. Although we didn’t subject the Bude & Beyond readership to the full and devastating details of the evening that led to Oliver’s death, you got a taste to share with your children and young people.

Death from MDMA isn’t quick, sudden or painless.  Taking a tablet for fun, to experiment or because someone else encourages you to is not the way to go. Sure, not everyone dies as a result but the harsh reality is that you do not know if you will be the one that does. Or will you be the one who is left with devastating life-changing consequences?

At first hand, I saw some of the impact Oliver’s death has had on his parents and family/friends. It lives on in their grief. Worst of all are the people who peddle these items, the pushers, who target children, young people, and often the vulnerable.

Here are some of your social media comments about Sue’s decision to go public:

Karen: Oliver stood out from the crowd of average because he was anything but! For such a young man, he was always so smart (that was the first thing I noticed about him), so articulate, so openly warm and friendly. Like his mother, Sue, so very generous with that warmth; instantly likeable 💗 We can only guide our children so far but I will certainly be showing this article to mine and sharing it so others will see it too! Thank you Sue xxx

Catherine: So very sad for you, couldn’t have been easy to post this but if one other life is saved through reading this and making youngsters aware, I take my hat off to you. Thanks. Will definitely share.

Isla: I am always devastated to hear of Oliver’s death, I didn’t know him, but had friends in common & regularly saw him in Bude, he stood out because he was smart & joyful. As a parent myself I cannot begin to comprehend the pain or emptiness. Sue is a very brave & strong lady. My heartfelt sympathies go out to her.

Lisa: I used to really enjoy chatting to this articulate and caring young man. May he RIP

Laaureen: Every young adult should read this😔R.I.P Oliver

L.J: Such a tragic series of events. Such a brave thing to do to raise awareness of such a painful experience.

Steve: I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. Sue is incredibly brave. I miss Oliver dearly, as do so many x

Carole: Incredibly sad and very honest. Heartbreaking but I’ll be sharing it with my children.

Shirley: I knew Oliver through Tiandi and he served us there a week before he died. I liked him a lot, thought his parents must be proud of him. I was shocked and full of sorrow when I heard what had happened. A mistake with the most terrible consequences. I often pause at his bench and yesterday I saw his photo at St Nectan’s Glen. Such a tragic loss of an obviously fine young genuine man. I will share this to help spread the word to other young people who might be curious one day. A strong stark message from Oliver’s mother.

Lindsey: Absolutely heartbreaking x

Lyn: so polite and hardworking a pleasure to have known him. So sad, he is very much missed.

Rachel: Heartbreaking, drugs are everywhere in Bude and so easily accessible. I have young children and dread to think what the situation will be like in ten years’ time.


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